A Demonstrated Layer of Protection– A Review of Antimicrobial Surface Protectants

C&W Services is pleased to release our review of antimicrobial surface protectants (ASPs). This is the first in a series of reviews focused on better understanding the variety of products now in the marketplace available to mitigate infection risk. C&W Services subject matter experts working in partnership with the external expertise of Andrew Havics, a certified industrial hygienist and engineer, produced a thorough and leading-edge review of understanding products aimed at protecting against infection by the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Our review consisted of selecting manufacturers of ASPs who have provided public review of their lab tests, lab studies, field studies and peer reviews. Each of the 15 products we reviewed was evaluated for efficacy, applicability and potential drawbacks. Our review is based on our first-hand experience with these products together with information supplied directly from the product manufacturers and summaries of third party lab tests and studies. We believe this kind of clear-eyed analysis has been missing from the industry and as a leader in the field, we saw it as our responsibility to fill that void to improve end-user understanding of various applications.

This analysis and collaboration are consistent with our mission to deliver the most effective cleaning solutions to our clients. Our review of ASPs, along with real time analysis of regulatory directives for PPE, disinfecting products, alternative approaches to maintenance and hygiene protocols are part of our continued effort to stay at the forefront of assisting our clients. Fill out the form to download the review.

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A Demonstrated Layer of Protection