Our people are the backbone of our organization and the awards program is a chance to recognize the individuals at C&W Services who create exceptional experiences for our clients and employees, and who make us the company we are today. So we’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2020 Chief Executive Awards, the Michael Dunn Humanitarian Award, Region of the Year, Safety Award and Business Development Award.

Especially given the challenges of the past year, we want to thank all of the winners for making a real and lasting impact on our clients and employees. If you know or work with any of this year’s winners, please take some time to celebrate their accomplishment.

Chief Executive Award Winner (Corporate)

Francisca Montes De Oca

Nomination Description:

2020 was an intense year for Human Resources and our employees. Furloughs, sickness, exposure of risk all resulted in the disruption of active employment for thousands of C&W Services’ employees. Keeping track of all of this movement was all orchestrated and managed by Francisca. The work that she did, and continues to do, impacted everyone from executives needing to know our workforce status to individual employees needing documentation to be able to claim desperately needed unemployment benefits. She performed, and performs this work, with calm, grace and the speed needed to handle voluminous employee movements with very short notice. The work that she did relieved pressure from our field HR and Operations staff when they needed it most.

Chief Executive Award Winner (Corporate)


Connie Arana

Kay Cook

Christopher Johnson

Ali Mohammed

Todd Sanders

George Schmidt

Mario Quispe

Joel Wheatley

Nomination Description:

A Few Highlights of this teams work:

Created Level up program to include Level 3 decontamination services, coupled with PPE, safety, and skills training

Stood up a central supply warehouse and distribution center to distribute surgical, N-95, KN-95 masks and cloth face coverings, and other PPE including With our vendors and suppliers’ support, Critical PPE assessments were made early at the beginning of the pandemic.

Secured electrostatic, fogging, misting sprayers, and approved disinfectants for vital client operations

Created the Return to Work program

Chief Executive Award Winner (Field)

Bank of America East Team

Richard Ferreira

Luis Mejia

Natasha Branchina

Mario Gutierrez

Jesse Cardaropoli

Merida Wright

Linda Johnson

Nomination Description:

I am honored to nominate Rick Ferreira and the Bank of America team for the Chief Executive Award. While performing regular cleaning of financial centers and ATMs throughout New England, the BOA team has proven how committed they are to excellence. When graded on a weekly basis, BOA team has consistently scored at and above goal, even during the most challenging times, especially this year. The team’s Covid-19 cleaning protocol has been amazing and truly commendable. Rick and the area managers exemplify our guiding principles, most exceptionally safety and staying informed. As new requirements became known due to the coronavirus, the team quickly adjusted.  The team engages with each other, subcontractors, suppliers regularly along with special technology and excellent communication to hold all parties accountable and delight the customers who need access to the bank locations- often unrecognized frontline work to help keep the banks open in a struggling economy.

Chief Executive Award Winner (Field)

Chris Randazzo

Nomination Description:

Since starting with C&W Chris has been thrown one challenge after another. He has received client recognition for his work in service environments that were not conducive to producing any accolades. From the CF demobilization to stepping in at Seatac, his ability to engage with staff is what fosters his success in delivering service to our clients. Chris happily took on risk and responsibility outside of his region and country by travelling multiple times during pandemic. This meant isolation from family for weeks, both when away and while home. His professional experience ties tightly to international travel with certification in Pandemic Response. He is our SME during uncertain times. He was innovative and proactive in protecting our supply chain and in turn our workers/clients. Our workers request to be under his leadership. This is from his ability to engage staff and his desire to build a positive culture. In a very short time Chris’s value is clear by his actions and results.

Chief Executive Award Winner (Field)

Jared Ruffin

Nomination Description:

In the beginning of 2020, Amazon had concerns over who C&W Services would select to lead LGB3, Amazon’s highest volume FC in the U.S. and flagship plant. LGB3 had recently come out of a very successful 2019 Peak season, but Amazon wanted to see more out of the LGB3 leadership team. After launching and sustaining LAX9, Amazon’s most successful Crossdock launch to date, Jared Ruffin was selected to lead the LGB3 team. During Peak of 2020, Jared was able to crush prior year metrics at LGB3, reducing high severity events by 29% (25 in 2020 versus 35 in 2019). Loss production hours per million units shipped was also reduced by 51% (42.18 in 2020 versus 86.75 in 2019). To say that Jared has delighted our client would be an understatement. Jared was able to build a phenomenal relationship with the operations team and turn LGB3 into a World Class Maintenance team. Due to Jared’s leadership, Amazon has consistently referred to LGB3 as Amazon’s best success story of 2020.

Chief Executive Award Winner (Field)

Joe Da Costa

Nomination Description:

Joe is responsible for managing the Extendicare Long Term Care homes account in Ontario, Canada. he has 180-ish staff at 12 separate care homes in the province. Long Term Care, in the current state of emergency, is at the highest risk level of exposure to COVID-19 in our business. He has worked tirelessly to keep our staff safe, protected and at work in a time when fear, supplies/tools shortages and illness is rampant. He even assists our customer with employee shortages in facilities that we do not manage for them. This industry has suffered frightening levels of job abandonment, sickness, and morale challenges. Nonetheless he perseveres, finds people from a million sources, ensure they meet the regulatory requirements and gets the job done. He is a combined father, pastor and cheerleader for his staff and they trust and adore him. Because of this bond, they continue to go to work despite their fears for themselves and a sometimes tragic environment at work.

Chief Executive Award Winner (Field)

Krishneel Chaudhary

Nomination Description:

Krishneel “Kris” Chaudhary is an Account Manager in Newark, CA for the Cargill Account.  From the time he joined the site in May 2019 he has brought a positive, can-do attitude.  The customer immediately noticed his contributions to the operation.  Early in 2020, Kris implemented a change to the way the site had always managed its waste removal.  Instead of the vendor coming on site weekly and charging the site for many needless fees, they now return to the site only after our team has done their weekly check on the containers and notifies them which ones are ready for removal.  This resulted in a 49% decrease in spend and will save the site approximately $68,000 over 12 months.  Needless to say, the customer was thrilled with the savings and the work of Kris.  He is treated as an extension of their operations team and critical to their success.  The customer cannot say enough about the positive impact that he has had on the site since his arrival in May 2019.

Michael Dunn Humanitarian Award Winner

Connors State College

Cassie Walker

Rod Mathews

Robbie Roberson

Robbie Shade

Joe Gallardo

 Margaret Hazelwood

Joyce Wooten

Sammy Moore

Jeannetta McAlister

Jimmy Morton

Terry Ward

Nathan Shade

Eric Burk

Josh Foreman

Kelsey Wells

Charles Coppin

Justice Muskrat

Brad Martin

Nomination Description:

This is just a small list of what this team has done for their client and community in the last couple of years.  Flood victim dinner, we catered dinner to the victims and first responders of the flood, we hauled emergency supplies, took a hot lunch for emergency workers.  Hosted and played in a co-ed basketball game to raise money for the Connors Cowgirls basketball team, put on Christmas programs with full stage, costumes, and live music, participated in biannual community variety show, helped the local elementary school decorate trees in the park and provided a party for the winner, hosted and cooked food for the Rodeo Team cookoff, entered the breakaway roping and the ranch horseshow for the annual alumni rodeo and horseshow.  Christmas caroled outside due to covid19 with a live manger scene, we led a tour and talked to 500 high school seniors on senior day, we participated and worked at the fight back self-defense for women night for our community.  This team is amazing!

Region of the Year Award Winner

Mid-Atlantic Region

Nomination Description:

The Region of the Year award goes to the region that performs exceptionally, relative to expectations across ALL of the following key business areas: Revenue, Margin, Margin Quality, Cash Collection, Safety and Customer Satisfaction.

Safety of the Year Award Winner

Southeast Region

Nomination Description:

The Safety Region of the year has not only had the most improved safety performance of any Region, but also ended the year as the Region with the lowest Total Recordable IR (TRIR) and Lost Time IR (LTIR).

Business Development of the Year Award

Bill Ayres

Nomination Description:

In 2020, you produced the most annualized new revenue and have developed outstanding relationships while working hard to understand client needs and solutions to meet those needs. Additionally, you’ve made the transition from an excellent operator (DO) to an excellent business development executive and continue to help grow a strategic key market (NOCA).