From labs to clean rooms to manufacturing facilities, we can help achieve reliable uptimes, and ensure that your facility is audit ready.

CW Services provides Life Sciences Services across the US

Make Your Facility Inspection Ready

With more decades of experience serving life sciences companies, C&W Services understands the challenges that face the sector and has responded with a robust offering that helps our clients meet all regulatory and compliance requirements. Our highly skilled technical staff is backed by corporate subject matter experts who help keep our teams respond to the latest technological advancements in the industry. We help you run labs, clean rooms, and manufacturing facilities with reliable uptime, and that are audit ready.  We self-perform all services, ensuring consistent service and rigorous adherence to your standards.

Our Approach

  • A Team of Industry-Leading Subject Matter Experts – Our technical staff is backed by subject matter experts who make sure that we can tackle any problem, and can harness the latest technological advancements in the industry.

  • Make Your Lab Inspection Ready – From cGMP compliance to cleanroom cleaning to ESD floorcare, we know how to run labs and manufacturing facilities that are always up to the highest of standards.

  • Maximum Uptime – We’ve invested heavily in innovative programs to help ensure that our teams find, and solve, problems before they ever become problems.