C&W Services offers advanced programs and in-depth expertise to ensure reliable uptime and strict adherence to maintenance protocols in data centers, lab spaces and other mission-critical facilities.

Mitigate Downtime Risk

A service interruption in a critical environment can be a company’s biggest challenge, as threats to plant production, vital data or lab results can cause millions of dollars of losses in minutes. C&W Services has invested in the people, procedures, systems and training you need to ensure your call centers, data centers, research and development facilities, and plants avoid unplanned downtime.

Our adherence to best practices and global standards protects your investment in intellectual property and infrastructure and ensures reliability and performance of your critical assets. A robust critical environment management program supported by leading-edge technology and top-notch engineers not only mitigates risk but can also minimize operational cost.


  • 24/7 Monitoring and Control — We detect potential problems through technology and expertise in time to prevent failures from occurring.

  • Immediate Response to Out-of-line Situations — Our expert on-site professionals are equipped to handle any unexpected incidents to prevent escalation into larger problems.

  • Redundancy Cost/Benefit Optimization — We analyze the cost of redundant systems and damage potential of your worst-case scenario to help you find the optimal balance of cost and security.

  • Third-party Personnel Qualification Management — We ensure that all vendors and third-party personnel who need access to critical environments are qualified and trained to follow strict protocols.