The Internal Revenue Service is the revenue service of the United States federal government. The agency is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury and is responsible for collecting taxes and the administration of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Approach

For nearly thirty years, we’ve handled facility services for the IRS’s site in Martinsburg, West Virginia. During that time, we’ve formed a close working relationship with the client, and have become adept at addressing and predicting their needs.

The Results

  • Achieved a high level of efficiency where we can maintain the entire facility, including the data center, with a relatively small team.
  • Reduced the facility’s energy costs by installing new energy efficient lights.

Account Overview

  • Location: Martinsburg, West Virginia

  • Region: Northeast North

  • Size: 555,000 square feet

  • Team: 19 C&W Services employees

  • Services: Maintenance, Controlled Environments