Keep these tips in mind when seeking out the best match for your company.

Hiring the right people in any field can be an uphill battle. Many times it comes down to the fit—someone who is a good match for the company, the culture and the people. But there also are several other factors from a recruiter’s perspective that go into hiring a top facility manager.

One of our top talent recruiters, John Howlett, talent acquisition manager, shared his perspective and thoughts on what recruiters look for when hiring top facility managers. Below are three steps to follow when seeking out a successful facility manager. Furthermore, job seekers can also use these steps to understand what recruiters are looking for when hiring a candidate for a manager position within the facilities field.

Step 1: Look for progression.

Frequently changing jobs is an increasing trend across all industries, but we see this even more so in the facilities service industry, where there are several factors that can affect changing positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of years an employee spends with their employer dropped from 4.6 in January 2014 to 4.2 in January 2016.


At C&W Services, we look for longevity, but we also take a greater look at the candidate as a whole, knowing the facilities industry can pose several challenges that would hinder the ability to stay at a position for a reasonable amount of time. At C&W Services we know client factors, industry changes and various other reasons can hinder a person’s ability to show longevity. Because of this, a great facility manager should show experience and tenure within the field, but also articulate reasoning behind job moves, which may have been completely out of their control.

The longer a person has spent at a company indicates that they see value in longevity and growth. But it’s also beneficial to see progression. Many times when someone has stayed at a company for a long period of time, you can see gradual progression in his/her field. For example, if a facility manager starts out at one site, and within a few years begins managing employees at several sites, you have tangible evidence that demonstrates the progression and dedication that person has for the company, understanding needs and working to step up in responsibilities.

Step 2: The candidate needs to have the right skill set.

A good skill set will speak for itself. A top facility manager should have the skills needed to do a superior job. For example, if a biotechnology company is looking for a facility manager, they will likely seek someone out who has biotech experience. Many of our top facility managers have a broad skill set in the trades, but they also bring specializations in another sector or skill type, bolstered by strong leadership and communication skills. The more skills a candidate possesses, the more versatile a candidate appears to a company.

Step 3: Broaden the interview process.

Allowing peers to interview the candidate and obtain different perspectives and opinions is crucial, not only to evaluate the candidate, but to give him or her the opportunity to view the job from different perspectives. As John Howlett says, “hiring goes beyond a candidate on paper.” These peers can include top decision-makers and those who will work with or for this particular manager. This demonstrates whether or not the candidate can get along with the employees that will be working for him or her and the peers the candidate will be working alongside.


C&W Services continues to put an emphasis on hiring the strongest people in the industry. For more information on recruiting at C&W Services, please reach out to John Howlett at or visit our talent network.