At C&W Services, we embody a mission to seamlessly integrate with your team, ensuring the highest standards and optimal efficiency.

Our maintenance services cover preventive, reactive, and predictive maintenance, and tailored solutions. We modernize with efficient building automation systems, ensuring compliance. Specializing in janitorial services, we prioritize specialized cleaning, GreenClean Programs, advanced floor care, recycling, and waste management. Our exterior services offer expert maintenance, including snow removal, and tree planting. Additionally, our office and mailroom support daily operations, reception, and space planning.

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What We Do

Forge a path to operational excellence and seamless state government facility management by joining forces with C&W Services. Tailored specifically for government entities, our suite of services promises savings, efficiency, support, and continuous improvement.

Experience a comprehensive approach, where operational cost savings are achieved through innovative methods, facility efficiency and uptime are optimized for heightened productivity, strategic decision-making is supported with empowering insights, exceptional client experiences go beyond mere service delivery to foster enduring partnerships, and our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we evolve alongside your needs, continuously refining and enhancing our services.

Choose more than a service; embrace a transformative partnership that converges savings, efficiency, support, and continuous improvement, promising operational excellence that withstands the test of time.

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