C&W Services orchestrates a symphony of self-performing teams, subcontractors, and specialty providers to connect the world.

Our solutions entail the performance, coordination, and management of multiple stakeholders, including self-performing teams, subcontractors, specialty service providers and Industrial Equipment Services (IES). All these entities are dedicated to the meticulous management and maintenance of client facilities, including the production environment, ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance with environmental regulations are met day in and day out. Our IFS and IFM encompass a wide spectrum of facility and plant services, ensuring that your every need is met. We offer a comprehensive suite to support your business objectives.

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What We Do

At C&W Services, our commitment to the manufacturing industry goes beyond providing essential services; it’s rooted in our caring and dedication to building strong relationships and delivering exceptional value. Whether it’s food/feed manufacturing facilities or production maintenance sites, we understand the unique needs of the industry. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients and our ability to seamlessly integrate into their operations. We take pride in being your partner so that you can ensure a quality workplace and meet your manufacturing business goals.

Our clients trust us because we share their values of loyalty, ethical conduct, and a collaborative approach, making us an essential part of their extended team. To ensure that we continuously enhance our capabilities, we maintain an in-house training initiative designed to broaden our team’s expertise and skill set.  C&W Services will also be on the front of industry innovations and best practices.

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Robots working on a car assembly line in a factory.
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Satisfied clients discover the real-world impact of partnering with C&W Services.


“The C&W team has been key to the success of my team.”

— Technology Manufacturer (Northeast North Region)

We Support

Our commitment is rooted in understanding our clients’ businesses, products, and customers at their core. Our primary objective is to eliminate facility-related distractions, allowing employees and processes to operate without interruption. We align our services with our clients’ overarching goals, including cost efficiency, safety, employee well-being, environmental responsibility, morale, quality, and timely delivery. Our proactive approach ensures we consistently deliver value by fulfilling our assigned responsibilities before issues arise

As your trusted partner, we specialize in delivering excellence across an array of service domains. With our expertise ranging from facilities and property services, we aim to empower our clients, enabling them to channel their energies into their core business, products, and customers.

Our goal is to help clients achieve their uptime and cost-efficiency targets, enabling them to concentrate on their core activities in the manufacturing space.

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  • Preventive, reactive, and predictive maintenance
  • Mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, handyman, fire and life safety, masonry
  • Self-performing on-site, self-performing mobile maintenance, subcontracted partners
  • Building automation systems
  • Asset and condition assessment
  • Asset replacement, standardization programs, warranty monitoring and development of programs to extend asset life
  • Lubrication programs
  • Help develop your teams for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Preventive, reactive, and predictive maintenance to production equipment
  • Comprehensive asset management services
  • Control room operations
  • Conveyors and sorting equipment
  • Laser alignment
  • Redundancy assessments
  • 24/7 monitoring and BAS connectivity
  • Vibration analysis and other predictive programs
  • Reliability Maintenance
  • Production Up-Time
  • Critical Systems Up-Time
  • LEED project management
  • GreenClean
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Warehouse management
  • Pest control
  • Conference room management and set up
  • Event set up and planning
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Landscape & grounds
  • Building shell & structure
  • GMP compliant
  • Cleanrooms
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Commercial lab operations
  • GxP manufacturing and operations
  • Good lab practices
  • ISO 9001, ISO 9002
  • Data Center Operations