Setting production records through industry-leading facilities services.
  • We helped a large online retailer shatter its previous production record.
  • Our teams help the online retailer bring distribution centers online and maintain ongoing peak performance.
  • Our team members helped the online retailer hit a single-day pick volume of 1,227,645 units.

July 18 was a record-breaking day for one of our clients, and C&W Services was a major contributor to that success. Our teams helped the client, a large online retailer, shatter its previous North American production record with a single-day pick volume of 1,227,645 units.

C&W Services provides engineering and maintenance services to the large online retailer at 23 centers across North America. Since we began our relationship three years ago, nearly 1,000 C&W Services team members have helped bring the centers online and maintain ongoing peak performance. July 18 was a highlight of the year, in which 33,788 unique associates picked, stowed, and counted on the AR system over the course of that week, logging 66 total years of station time.

We checked in with the team to learn how they achieved this level of efficiency, and what the record-breaking day was like.

CW Services, a professional services company, helped the world's largest online retailer break their single day production record.

Q: What lessons have you learned from past years that led to the breaking of the production record?

SMM Mike McDermit: Last year we updated our 2017 Peak Whistlestop, the document that describes our plans for Peak to make sure we are ready to support operations and reduce risk. Beginning right after the last Peak, we collected successes and barriers and added them to the Whistlestop. In mid-April, we began planning for downtime preparations during specific time frames. The ability for downtown isn’t always a certainty, so the plan was built around the 2-hour windows that are scheduled. This year there was also a 12-hour window in June where lots of repairs and PMs were completed. In addition, we hosted cross-training and best practice sharing with our colleagues at the site. I’m sure that experience helped them prepare as well.

Q: In your own words, what contributed to our success on July 18?

AR3 Eric Nicholas: I regulate all four floors of the RSP (Robotic Service Platform) Kivas, of which there are 5,360. To me, preparation was the key to our success. In particular, preventative maintenance, readiness, adjusting machines and cameras, and having additional people come down to the site and help out. We knew the day would be an especially busy one, and we put in the work early to make sure we were prepared for everything.

Q: What did it feel like to be on site for July 18?

AR3 Eric Nicholas: We were very busy, but spirits were high. Management made regular announcements on the PA, and HR created a playlist so there was music all day. Food was also provided every day and there were other small perks, which was nice.

Q: How did you celebrate breaking the record?

SMM Mike McDermit: We bought lunch of everyone at the site, and we’re planning on ordering t-shirts that celebrate our record-breaking effort.

CW Services, formerly UNICCO, helped a large online retailer improve its efficiency.

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