Retail operations require a partner who understands the logistics industry and its unique needs.

That partner is C&W Services. With a robust nationwide presence, we provide comprehensive Integrated Facilities Services and Management Services to retail businesses of all sizes. Our well-rounded services cover production maintenance, base building, facility services, janitorial services, exterior services, and office and mailroom management. Our approach prioritizes preventive and predictive maintenance, reliability strategy development, asset management, and control engineering. Our focus ensures retail facilities function optimally, minimize environmental impact, and extend the longevity of facilities.

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What We Do

Are you ready to revolutionize your retail operations and take your business to the next level? As a dedicated ally, we are committed to elevating your business standards. Benefit from our extensive experience, where we excel in providing customized solutions designed for the retail sector, emphasizing efficiency, reliability, and groundbreaking innovation. Our expertise spans across a spectrum of services from conveyor systems and cutting-edge robotics to automation and optimizing operational efficiency. Our team is at the forefront of implementing advanced practices, such as predictive maintenance and sophisticated data modeling techniques.

C&W Services offers comprehensive solutions and a pool of skilled professionals to tackle these challenges head-on. Discover the transformative impact of collaborating with C&W Services and reach new heights of success.

A worker repairing a labeling mchine in a warehouse.


Satisfied clients discover the real-world impact of partnering with C&W Services.


“I have found C&W Services to be a professional FM organization that can benefit companies like Stop & Shop.”

— Large Grocery Chain (Northeast South Region)