Meet De’Von.

De’Von isn’t your usual Vice President, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

He and his team focus on connecting C&W Services with government entities, a task that requires not just strong communication skills but an in-depth understanding of how the government—and its regulatory systems—function.

“You have to understand the laws, the requirements, what the government needs, and how to articulate those needs,” he says. “In that way, it’s different from a sales job.”

Devon connects people to integrated facility management

An insider’s perspective.

Before joining C&W Services, De’Von earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University and spent a number of years working in the field, moving up from an assistant to a project manager, and then, ultimately, to VP.

This experience on site gave him unique expertise when it comes to facilities management. He knows how to manage engineers, how to bid in a competitive manner, and he loves leaning on his engineering background to make sure that a job site is running as efficiently as possible.

“It’s coming up with unique solutions, better ways to solve a problem. Coming up with those extra things to do. Creating that extra value.”

Taking on these types of challenges is what De’Von loves about his job, and he seeks them out at every opportunity.

Looking ahead.

De’Von joined C&W Services a little over a year ago, and he says that one of the things he’s really impressed by is how C&W Services values and invests in its employees.

“Being recognized for what I can offer. That’s really refreshing. It gives you a sense of involvement.”

That recognition drives De’Von to excel at every task he puts his mind to, and the effort is already paying off. “I’ve only been here a year, but I’ve already been included in various committees.”

There’s no substitute for respect and recognition. It creates an inspired and productive workplace where people strive to do their best each and every day.

A commitment to excellence.

De’Von isn’t just content with investing in himself, though. He also invests in his community.

He spends a lot of his free time coaching both football and basketball for The 301 Panthers, a nonprofit youth sports organization in Brandywine, Maryland. He hopes to instill in his young players lessons like teamwork and dedication, principles that will not just help them succeed on the field but will provide them with a strong value system for the rest of their lives.

Who takes care of your facilities?

De’Von is one of many stories we have from the field that demonstrate how our team’s culture is the backbone of our service delivery success.

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