Save money and improve efficiency by outsourcing facilities services.

From colleges to tech companies to large-scale manufacturers, institutions are always trying to find new ways to improve their core business. But while they pursue this goal, they may struggle to get the most out of their facilities services, especially given rising maintenance costs.

That’s why companies and institutions should consider outsourcing their maintenance and repair work. This can result in significant savings while also leading to increases in efficiency, innovation, and safety. Additionally, the outsourcing of facilities services allows an organization to more fully focus on its core business and enables them to better maintain a competitive advantage.

Below are a few signs that outsourcing facilities services may be right for your institution.

1. You want to improve efficiency and safety at your facility.
Whether your facility is properly functioning or not can have a huge effect on your organization’s ability to achieve its top goals. An outsourced facilities service provider understands this, and will help you reach and maintain the highest levels of operational excellence.

An outsourced facilities service provider will have a team of subject matter experts who ensure that all front-line staff members are implementing the best and most efficient practices; are trained in the latest safety procedures; and are able to use new, innovative technologies. Additionally, executive-level staff will offer specialized business and market knowledge that is not available within most organizations.

If something does go wrong at your facility, an outsourced facilities service provider will be able to respond quickly, and will have the resources to provide substitute personnel and supplemental personnel.

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2. You’re interested in new, innovative technologies.
It can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest innovations in the facilities management field. An outsourced facilities service provider can walk you through these innovations, and they can help you decide which enhancements—from long-distance monitoring to IoT to robotic cleaners—are right for your facility. Read about some of the new emerging technologies in the facilities management field.

3. You’re concerned about deferred maintenance.
If you don’t have a plan for addressing your deferred maintenance, an outsourced facilities service provider could help. They can—through effective day-to-day service and the implementation of new, innovative technologies—minimize the high costs of emergency repairs and equipment replacement. Learn more about how to best deal with your deferred maintenance.

4. You’re interested in green cleaning and sustainability.
Now more than ever institutions are focused on implementing sound sustainability policies that improve the environment at their facilities. The right outsourced facilities service provider will develop a sustainability policy to fit your facility’s goals and needs; will meet operational standards; and will maintain all relevant environmental records. When looking for the right outsourcing partner, it’s important that you choose one that is CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified. Read more about our industry-leading green cleaning efforts.

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5. You’re not sure if you’re using best practices.
The facilities management field is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Given this, it’s easy for your facilities team to fall behind when it comes to staying up to date with the latest skills and techniques. Additionally, organizing a large-scale training might not be feasible, as it would require a large amount of your limited time. An outsourced facilities service provider has the expertise to stay abreast of best practices, and they can implement them at your facility with ease.

6. You need to lower costs while increasing productivity.
Facilities services don’t have to be one of your larger expenses. Through effective staff management, the implementation of best practices and new technologies, and the benefit of having purchasing power created by a large business portfolio, an outsourced facilities service provider can cut costs while improving efficiency, innovation, and safety at your facility.

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