With the return to indoor spaces, working in indoor spaces, looking for facility team members who need to adjust.
FMJ May-June 2022 Cover titled 'The Building Portfolio'

Approaching Indoor Air Quality: The Maintenance Perspective
David Auton, Senior Director of Engineering and Maintenance

Building occupants are increasingly focused on indoor air quality (IAQ) management and their level of safety as their return to indoor spaces. Because of this, facilities teams are tasked with demonstrating that safe, adequate measures and solutions are in place.

With the return to working in indoor spaces, facility teams are looking to understand where they need to adjust their building processes and procedures to accommodate the new expectations for indoor air quality. With greater awareness around indoor air quality, returning to buildings and indoor spaces must include a level of confidence that these spaces are safe for occupancy.

David Auton, Senior Director of Engineering and Maintenance, shares insights on the solutions and considerations that FMs should be thinking about as we continue the return to work and indoor spaces. Daily process checks, IAQ testing, IAQ monitoring, and equipment inspections are just a few of the areas to be considered.

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