Promotional image for C&W Services' Best Practices Webinar on Predictive Maintenance. The title reads "Predictive Maintenance - The baby steps to big results." Access webinar recording with Gary Stevens.
Gary Stevens

Engineering & Maintenance

As reliability and maintenance engineering experts, C&W Services was engaged by Fluke Reliability to conduct a webinar, Predictive Maintenance: the Baby Steps to Big Results, on May 15th, 2024. The webinar featured Gary Stevens, C&W Services’s Director of Engineering and Maintenance, who has 28 years of experience in maintenance, reliability, and construction. Fluke Reliability, a division of Fluke Corporation, offers a range of tools and services to help industries monitor and maintain their machinery. It focuses on predictive maintenance and condition monitoring to optimize asset performance and avoid equipment breakdowns.

In this enlightening webinar, Gary delves into maintenance strategies, sensors, IoT gateways, and monitoring options. Most importantly, he unravels the ‘why’ behind it all, providing valuable insights and knowledge.

Technology is pivotal in facility management and maintenance. Therefore, reactive and preventive maintenance are essential aspects of any good program. However, predictive maintenance remains a frequently underserved strategy yet impactful space.

As a CRL and FMP with broad expertise, Gary’s leadership at C&W Services has led to key maintenance strategies, including condition-based predictive programs, task coordination, and reliability-centered maintenance.

Gary notes that different market verticals require tailored plans, and understanding these intricacies bolsters facility management. Similarly, different services need various specific plans to ensure optimal performance. Regardless, predictive maintenance can offer significant advantages by allowing for more precise planning while stopping equipment breakdowns before they happen: The Baby Steps to Big Results.

Learn more about the “why” behind it all and how to implement crucial strategies at your facilities.

Start taking those predictive management steps by watching this YouTube video featuring a recording of the webinar: LINK TO SESSION