C&W Services and Cushman & Wakefield team up for success.

At 10 Almaden Blvd. in San Jose, Calif., close collaboration between Cushman & Wakefield and C&W Services is having positive results for tenants of the 17-story Class A office building. The partnership allows C&W Services to serve as proactive problem solvers in ways that a typical subcontractor would not be able to, anticipating problems and solving issues before they even occur. Cushman & Wakefield has managed the property since late 2014 and C&W Services assumed responsibility for janitorial services earlier this year.

Supportive regardless of the circumstances.

As C&W Services assumed responsibility for janitorial services at 10 Almaden, several members of the area leadership team stepped up to ensure a smooth transition. Mauricio, area manager, and Bill, director of operations for the west region, work in the building and helped the team whenever problems arose—even before they had the contract.

Before the C&W Services team took over, Bill met with the Cushman & Wakefield team to discuss the process, which included hiring extra janitors to overlap the current staff. This ensured a smooth conversion from the incumbent provider to our organization.

Prior to the transition, Mauricio quickly established a bond with the former staff. So much so that, even before the C&W Services team was under contract, Mauricio lent a hand when a VAV valve broke in the middle of the night. He worked side by side with the incumbent team to mitigate potential water damages.

During the transition, Bill and Mauricio acted on the property management team’s concerns regarding specific issues in the building. In addition, the C&W Services team took before and after photos of where the issues were located to demonstrate the work they were doing, which helped establish a clear record of improvement for ownership.

A bond that can’t be broken.

For Mauricio, working in the same location as building management is something he enjoys. Both teams learn from each other and lean on each other for support.

“Working hand in hand, knowing we’re on the same team is great,” he says. “We’re a great resource for them in a lot of areas, so we provide the kind of support they need.”

The customer service Mauricio and his team provide is not an anomaly—high-quality work can be found at all of his sites and sites across the country.

“With all clients I work with, I expect the same level of service,” says Mauricio. “I give the utmost service and try to do my best. I don’t treat this client any differently than the other ones.”