Supporting our client, South Carolina State University, at their annual Scholarship Gala and Tribute event.


In April 2023, C&W Services team members proudly attended the 32nd annual South Carolina State University Foundation’s Scholarship Gala and Tribute. This important event raises scholarship funds while recognizing university students and community leaders who have gone above and beyond to exemplify service, integrity, and excellence.

At C&W Services, we take immense pride in supporting our clients. We were privileged to be a sponsor, further contributing to this cause and standing by our commitment to uplift SCSU’s students and empower the community. We recognize the importance of providing talented individuals from diverse backgrounds with the necessary resources to pursue their educational goals.

For over 15 years, C&W Services has maintained a range of services for SCSU – from energy management to central plant operations, covering 80 buildings across 1,800,000 square feet. Our teams have built a successful partnership with SCSU based on shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence. Together, we strive to foster an inclusive educational environment that nurtures talent, promotes innovation, and prepares students for meaningful contributions to society.

Pictured below: Edward Reed, Yasmine Marshall, Malika Marshall, Ericka Westgard, and Shon Holton.

  • A group of people posing for a photo at an event.
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  • Three people posing for a photo at an event.
  • A glass and a bag on a table.
  • A poster for the 32nd annual scholarship gala and tribute.
  • The cover of the south carolina state university foundation.