Embracing Our Why, Our Future, and Our Identity

Earlier this year, we launched our C&W Services Mission, Vision, and Values. This defining moment for our company and our people reiterate the importance of Our Why, Our Future, and Our Identity. As a people-centric organization, our team members are the heartbeat of what we do, and how we deliver the best services in the business. We are pleased to celebrate our employees and the impact they make on our clients every day.

During our celebrations, we challenged team members with a photo contest to share how our teams celebrated the launch of our Mission, Vision, and Values at client sites throughout North America.

Today we’re pleased to share photos of the winners of our photo contest and thank all our team members for their commitment to celebrating our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Congratulations to all our winners! Your creativity and dedication to our Mission, Vision, and Values are truly commendable.


Our Why

Our Mission inspires us daily:   

  • Elevate People: In a company where People Power our Purpose, we uplift individuals.   
  • Enhance Experiences: Our contributions ensure the satisfaction of our clients’ end users and customers.  
  • Inspire Progress: Through our conviction and innovation, we serve as an example to our clients and society.    


Our Future

We aim to create enduring value for our team members, clients, communities, and shareholders through reliability and a human-centered commitment to progress. 


Our Identity

Our Values guide us while forming our cultural identity:  

  • We are ONE TEAM, united in our purpose, working together, and strengthened by diversity.
  • We embody service by serving our clients and each other.
  • We demonstrate grit, facing challenges with resilience and determination. Persisting through setbacks reveals our character.
  • We strive to be better, never growing complacent. In pursuing Continuous Improvement, we learn from yesterday to be better today.