C&W Services text overlay on an image of a Boston waterfront with cobblestones, buildings, and a chain railing. The text reads: "From Humble Beginnings to Powerhouse with Deep Boston Roots".

C&W Services, a leading integrated facility services provider, is proud of our strong ties to the Boston region, where our dedicated teams love to live, work, and contribute to the community.

Our story began almost three-quarters of a century ago, in 1949, with a small cleaning business in Cambridge, MA. Herbert Kletjian, a candymaker whose family had fled the Armenian Genocide, co-founded a janitorial service company in 1949 that targeted the area’s higher education institutions: UNICCO, an acronym for University Cleaning Company. These were the early historical roots of C&W Services.

Over the decades, UNICCO increased its markets and geographic reach, expanding its services to include maintenance of factory equipment and ventilation systems. The company upheld close connections to Greater Boston and its many cultural institutions throughout significant growth. As the company evolved, experiencing changes in names and ownership, its ties to the region remained strong.

Today, C&W Services remains a powerhouse in the Boston market and thrives as a leading provider of janitorial and maintenance services, especially in critical areas like life sciences and education. With a significant volume of contracted work in New England, with clients such as BXP who are responsible for 16.6m square feet in Boston, C&W Services leverages a dedicated team and leaders familiar with the area.

“We know that personnel continuity can make a huge difference in the quality of facilities services,” said Angel Doyle, Vice President of Operations. “That’s why we’re so proud of our teams in the Northeast that are made up of proven leaders with years of experience in these communities.”

With over 100 clients in New England, C&W Services loves to give back to the Boston community. We serve as a Women’s Lunch Place Sponsor, a Ron Burton Humanitarian Sponsor, an IFMA Boston Chapter contributor, and a supporter of the English for New Bostonians organization. C&W Services always seeks new ways to impact Greater Boston positively.

As C&W Services looks to the future, its commitment to the region remains unwavering. The connection is built on deep roots and a dedication to the community.

“Every day, we deliver operational integrity to clients in the Boston area that goes all the way back to Herbert Kletjian’s early efforts with UNICCO,” said Matt Noe, President of Geographies. “As we continue to foster these client relationships, our people are determined to deliver excellence in this historic and influential area.”

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