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  • A group of people standing in front of a christmas tree.

At C&W Services, we are committed to a culture where safety is integrated into everything our employees do for our clients, team members, and visitors.

We are incredibly proud of our C&W Services Toyota team for accomplishing a perfect safety record for 2022, exceeding all safety program targets, with no lost time or recordable incidents.  It’s been 518 days since the last recordable incident and 880 days since the last lost time incident.

This accomplishment is a testament to our account team’s commitment to working safely and consistently making safety the priority.  How has the team built such a strong safety record? Each week the account team discusses safety best practices, relevant safety topics, upcoming safety awareness work and reflects on learning opportunities for future improvement. From training to planning for future incidents, the team is constantly assessing their strategy and approach to safety.

Daniel Albert, Regional Safety Director, adds, “we encourage the teams to have healthy debates and discussions and regularly ask questions,” such as:

  • Are we doing something right or just getting lucky?
  • Training is 99% complete; who are the 1% that we believe do not need this training?
  • It’s been 518 days; what will our next incident be, what type, and where?

This achievement would not be possible without the partnership of our client and their dedication to safety.

Congratulations to the Toyota account team on this well-deserved recognition!