A robot in an airport with people walking around.

As a facility services leader for aviation services, C&W Services is committed to delivering service excellence by elevating the passenger experience, leveraging aviation management resources, and implementing successful facility service programs at airports across North America. Our airport and aviation team members serve over 55 million passengers, managing over 10 million square feet.  

At one of the leading international airports in North America, C&W Services conducted a 42-day field test, evaluating performance and pricing of the Avidbot Neo 2 Robotic Scrubber. This autonomous robot features a 32” auto scrubber with adaptive AI-driven navigation and strong customer support.  

To enhance our service delivery and provide efficient, high-quality cleaning for our clients, our team proposed hosting the Avidbot trial as a potential solution to address their staffing issues. The 42-day field test delivered solutions that achieved:  

  • 2.4M square feet cleaned 
  • 230+ hours of cleaning 
  • Increased productivity rate of 10,735 square feet per hour 
  • Achieved estimated labor savings of $120K per year 

In addition to the overall cleaning metrics, it enhanced the experience for airline passengers who frequently took photos with the Avidbot. Based on the results and impact of the pilot, our client purchased two scrubber machines with estimated labor savings of $120K per year and full ROI obtained within 14 months of purchase.  

At C&W Services, we believe in the impact we’re making every day. We’re proud to enhance our delivery service for our clients and elevate the passenger experience in some of the nation’s busiest airports.