CW services elevate people.

At C&W Services, we value high performance and prioritize extraordinary client service to achieve our strategic vision. As we welcome a new year, we are pleased to announce several notable promotions. Congratulations to Jeff, Julee, Patrick, and Dan, for your exceptional contributions to our organization and your emphasis on leading with a service mindset.

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Jeff Price

Vice President, Client Services

For 28 years, Jeff has been a critical asset to our business and will continue to lead in an advanced capacity. As we continue to expand our business, Jeff will be integral to leading the client service efforts for the central region.

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Julee Hillyard

Vice President, Commercial Management

Julee has been a versatile contributor to our organization, building a top-tier proposals team, leading key marketing activities, and driving strategies. Julee leads with a service mindset, embracing continuous improvement in all she does.

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Patrick Reed

Vice President, Client Services

Patrick has been with C&W Services for over 15 years, building and leading successful teams and accounts. He and his team recently leveraged regional capabilities to implement a cost-effective service model for one of our largest clients.

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Matt Noe

President, Client Services

In his new position, Matt spearheads service delivery excellence and operational alignment across six geographic regions in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, serving approximately 260 clients and 7,000 employees. With over 20 years of transformative leadership experience, Matt has played a pivotal role in reshaping our client services strategy during the six months of his interim tenure.

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Dan Cahill

Vice President, Client Services

Dan has been instrumental in the success of C&W Services’ largest client account and expansion of the logistics vertical, building teams where our people feel valued and engaged, creating an environment that drives innovation, continuous improvement, and value to our clients. Dan is a client-centric leader that understands the importance of solving complex problems for our clients and will be integral to the business as we continue our expansion in the logistics space.

Congratulations to everyone on your promotions!