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  • Two smiling women wearing safety vests. One woman gives another a certificate of appreciation and a gift card.

Gloria, a C&W Services janitor at one of our client airports in Los Angeles, demonstrated her commitment to passenger safety and pride in her work when she identified a spill near Gate 203. Even though the specific area fell outside her designated responsibilities, she recognized the potential danger it posed to travelers, particularly children, and took immediate action. She guided passengers away from the area, ensuring their safety, and reported the incident.  

Taking ownership, Gloria emphasized that she did not want anyone to get hurt and cleaned the area herself. In addition, she placed a safety sign nearby to draw attention to the freshly cleaned area and redirected passengers around it. Gloria’s proactive approach demonstrated her responsibility, dedication, and deep concern for the well-being of others. 

Her story was shared as an example of our client’s efforts to foster a culture of teamwork, positivity, and support for client and customer needs. Gloria was recognized for the exceptional pride she takes in her work and received a special award as an outstanding employee.  Her story inspires others to embrace a similar sense of responsibility and pride, cultivating a culture of excellence and customer care. 

Congratulations Gloria!