Meet Erico.

At his job as a lighting porter, Erico is dedicated to taking care of burnt-out lightbulbs, participating in seasonal work and other necessary duties for the Toronto-based building where C&W Services provides custodial and mailroom services.

He doesn’t look for recognition—he’s simply inspired by doing the best work he can in the most efficient, effective and pleasing way to keep the space clean, safe and productive.

That’s why, when he heard he won an award from his customer, it came as a bit of shock.

“It was a surprise and an honor,” he says. “It’s very stimulating for us to know that this award program is going on. It adds a little bit of an incentive to do the work.”

A client’s appreciation.

The award from the centralized tenant maintenance department of the facility Erico works in rewards employees for their dedication to delivering the utmost level of service.

At the facility, tenants can call, email or submit maintenance request online, which are then assigned to the appropriate building’s facilities team, whether it’s cleaning, maintenance or another need. The tracking system that the organization uses runs reports on response and completion time all of the logged facilities services tickets. Those that stand out are considered for the award

Other factors that have weight in determining award winners include tenant feedback, comments from leaders and other team members, and the level of consistency the employee has in communicating with the system to update the facilities work orders.

Erico—who has been at the site for seven years—met all of the requirements and received the award and gift certificates during a morning celebration with his team, management staff, vice president of commercial real estate and the manager of the tenant maintenance department.

A sense of humility.

One thing Erico finds important is communicating with the client. Whether by email, phone or in person, he explains solutions to problems or directs the client to the person who can support their need.

“That customer service area comes a lot from Nelson, my boss,” he says. “He’s a really good influence and is all about being on top of it and doing what you have to do.”

While Erico received this award for his own work, he notes that he wouldn’t be able to do his job successfully without the help from his team.

“No one’s job is independent from everyone else—s,” he says. “It’s a team thing in the sense that I don’t think I would have been able to win this thing without their support.”

This kind of feedback about our C&W Services teams can be heard in thousands of account sites from Erico’s in Toronto to those across North America.

An increase in responsibility.

When Erico first came to C&W Services, he worked as a custodian in the lobby of the building. Then, when the opportunity of his current job came up, he reached for it and has loved it ever since.

Now, he has taken on even more responsibility, assisting Nelson in supervising the cleaning staff. It’s something he enjoys and is constantly working on.

“It’s a challenge, but with the right attitude, you learn from it and will help in the future,” he says. “I’m here and I’m happy.”

Who takes care of your facilities?

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