Contingencies In An Ever-Changing Environment: 5 Elements to Consider

In 2020 as the United States and the world scrambled to understand how to live and work during a pandemic, facility services employees were called to the frontline as heroes, working diligently to sanitize, disinfect, and bring new solutions and ideas to keep our clients, employees, and visitors safe.

While the nation was figuring out the “new norm,” our team of experts developed our “Return To Work” Business Continuity Plan. The question is; how do you make a plan stick in an ever-changing world? Senior Director of Soft Services on our Service Innovation and Optimization team, George Schmidt, shares five key elements to consider when planning for contingencies in an ever-changing environment. Download the white paper here and read more about the five elements explored.

As cleaning experts, C&W Services will continue to monitor CDC and EPA guidelines, apply contingencies to support our clients’ needs, and provide expert facility solutions in an ever-changing environment.