We know we deliver high-quality, safe and efficient cleaning and maintenance service to our clients, and backing up that belief with evidence proves that our teams standout from the rest. That is why we continue to work toward certifications that prove the way in which we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. One example of that is our CIMS certification, which demonstrates our ability to deliver consistently high-quality cleaning service that meets the needs and expectation of our clients as it applies to janitorial and custodial services. While many firms achieve certification at only a fraction of their sites, C&W Services achieved the relatively rare award of certification to the company as a whole nationwide, something we have consistently earned in every review over the past 10 years.

Another effort is the carpet cleaning certification from the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Earlier this year, at a university site in Boston, a number of cleaning technicians, lead facilities supervisor managers, front line janitors, corporate employees and our customer participated in a training for the carpet-cleaning certification.

“I really think that we need to get more and more people certified because we clean so much carpet,” says Holly Borrego, senior director of cleaning services. “My goal is to do this at many more sites.”

A rigorous effort.

During the certification process, all participants must go through two days of carpet maintenance and cleaning instruction and pass a 160-question exam to be certified. The first day includes a discussion from the IICRC certification inspector on different kinds of carpets, how they’re manufactured and how to identify different types. The instructor also goes over how chemical and water will react with certain carpets and how to correctly remove and extract a spot.

On the second day, students receive hands-on training and take the carpet-cleaning certification exam, which has no time limit. Once completed and passed, the participants earn their certification. In doing so, the floor technicians, facilities staff and other team members learn about complex techniques and leave with advanced knowledge to perform their daily duties with confidence.

IICRC Certification at Harvard University

Making it sparkle, making it shine.

For Holly, certifications such as these are critical for success. A majority of cleaning contracts require spot cleaning for carpets, and these classes teaches the exact science so that janitorial staff know how to do it correctly, efficiently and safely.

“This is what floor and carpet technicians do for eight hours a day,” she says. “If you’ve never had training on how to extract spots, it’s hard to perform your job to the client’s standards,” she says. “Not to mention, you can cause an incredible amount of damage to the carpet if you don’t clean it right.”

One example of spot cleaning? If you find red wine on the carpet, you actually put white wine on top of it and then suck it out with the extractor after blotting up as much as possible. In doing so, you evaporate all of the alcohol while removing the spot. Who knew?

Why further education?

C&W Services makes it a priority to ensure all staff are trained correctly and know the exact science of cleaning. These certifications prove even further our commitment to living up to customer standards.

“Not only do we not damage the carpet, but we’re going to take care of it and help extend the life of the customer’s investment,” she says. “We know how to clean and we know how to perform preventive custodial maintenance correctly.”

Future training opportunities include carpet odor control certification and water restoration classes.