While temperatures soar this summer, we wanted to cool things down a little with a story about how our team tackled snowfall over the winter months.

Meet Happy.

Canada has some of the snowiest cities around the world. It should come as no shock, then, that the country tends to be well prepared for heavy snowfall.

And C&W Services is no exception.

One example of this snow removal service was last winter when 25 to 30 of a client’s sites in British Columbia were forecasted to get large amounts of snow. The client called on Happy—the area supervisor for Canadian business in British Columbia who is responsible for 113 sites—the night before, asking that she arrange employees to clear the sidewalks during the day’s snowfall.

“It was difficult to arrange so many people to manage the sidewalks,” she says. “After, the client was very impressed and pleased with our work.”

On the road again.

Happy worked for C&W Services a couple years ago, took a brief hiatus, and has been in her current position for two and a half years. Part of her job that she enjoys the most is the ability to hear the status of the facilities services work C&W Services employees are providing.

“When I go to the site and meet with people and they tell me they’re happy with their services, that makes me happy,” she says. “It makes me really happy when they give compliments. That’s my goal. Not to be perfect—because no one can be—but to be great.”

With so many sites, Happy is constantly traveling, but it’s something she enjoys. Getting out and connecting with clients, as well as traversing across British Columbia, isn’t really work for her.

“I love traveling and meeting new people,” she says. “It’s nice, and it’s beautiful.”

Fixing a mess.

Another challenge Happy faced was with break-in at a client space that had been shut down. The site was a mess, with paint all over the walls and garbage littered on the floors. But, the C&W Services janitorial team got together to bring the space back to its original status, making it shine even more.

“It was crazy in there when we walked in,” she says. “But after we finished, the client went in and told us that it looked great.”

Cleaning Staff
Here to stay.

With the ability to travel, opportunity to connect with people across British Columbia, continuous learning of facilities services and the facility management industry, and people she works with, Happy thinks she—ll stick around for years to come.

“I see myself here for a while,” she says. “I enjoy knowledge, so I’m loving it. I’m not going anywhere.”

Who takes care of your facilities?

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