Melissa, facilities management intern, is learning the ins and outs of Gillette Stadium.

Ever since she was a young, Melissa enjoyed fixing things around the house. “I loved working with my hands,” she said. “Just trying to figure out how things worked. For as long as I can remember, that really excited me.”

This interest in the mechanical world led her to enroll at a vocational-technical high school and then at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. However, when she first enrolled at Massachusetts Maritime, she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to study. “I did an exploratory week,” she said. “That’s when students spend a little bit of time in different classes so that they can get a better sense of what’s available. During that process, I was drawn to facility management. I loved that instead of doing one trade, facilities management incorporated them all. It was so versatile. I’d never get bored.”

Soon after the exploratory week, Melissa decided on her college plan: she’s currently pursuing both a bachelor’s in Facility Engineering and a master’s in Facilities Management.

Melissa graduates this upcoming June, and so, late last year, she was looking for internships to help her get more on-the-job experience. It was at an on-campus career fair that she first connected with C&W Services. She’s now part of our intern team at Gillette Stadium. And, so far, she says the experience has been amazing.

“It’s been really great to see how a facility of this size runs,” she said. “And I’m getting to learn from such experienced people. This week I’ve been helping some of the electricians and it’s been really interesting to see them work.”

Given that Melissa is interested in both facility engineering and facilities management, she’s also been trying to learn as much about the administrative side of the operation as she can. “The facility managers have been great at answering all my questions,” she said. “They’ve been really encouraging and supportive.”

Melissa currently spends about four days a week at Gillette Stadium. The hours are long. The work is demanding. But amidst all that, she says there are things about the site that make it more than worth it. “Not everyone gets to walk on the field the Patriots play on or help maintain the suites. My dad thinks that’s the coolest. Plus, I know my experience here will help me grow my career.”

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