Our team organized a large donation of supplies to help the homeless.

In response to COVID-19, our teams are doing whatever they can to support the most vulnerable in their communities.

For example, one of our teams, supporting a higher-education in Connecticut, recently organized and delivered a shipment of supplies and PPE to Homes for the Brave, a non-profit that provides housing and services to individuals experiencing homelessness, especially veterans.

“All of us at Homes for the Brave were absolutely blown away by the incredible truckload of badly needed items that arrived. We are so grateful for the amazing generosity. The [photo below] doesn’t come close to doing it justice, as the volume of items was immense and the truck had already been partially unloaded,” said Vincent Santilli, CEO of Homes for the Brave.

We’d like to thank Jose Rivera, Marcial Sanchez, Ryan Sullivan, and everyone else who made this delivery possible. We’re so proud of you for serving your community, and for putting our guiding principles into action.