This week our team participated in IFMA’s World Workplace® Conference and Expo in Nashville, TN.

Meeting industry peers, connecting with colleagues, and exploring new ideas and perspectives from over 70 educational sessions gave our team a refreshed outlook and perspective on facility needs in the workplace.

We were excited to participate as an exhibitor at the largest FM conference in the world, and were equally pleased to have David Auton, Senior Director of Engineering and Maintenance, lead two impactful education sessions on important facilities topics: Reduced Workforce Solutions and the Golden Rules for Effective Maintenance Operations.

It’s critical to make your workers more productive by doing essential work vs. urgent work.

-David Auton

Reduced Workforce Solutions

The theme of this session centered around the idea that doing more with less fundamentally comes down to focusing on what is critical in order to prioritize work and needs. David discussed four learning objectives:

  • Productive workers are essential
  • Invest in workers to increase productivity
  • Understand essential work vs. urgent work
  • Identify and remove non-essential work

During the presentation, David emphasized that with the shortage of FM talent, organizations must adopt the idea of doing more with less. He said, “it’s critical to make your workers more productive by doing essential work vs. urgent work.”

Golden Rules for Effective Maintenance Operations

In this session, David focused on the idea that consistent performance from the facility maintenance team is essential. When focused on team capability management, several principles should be considered within the continuous improvement framework. The Golden Rules are simple guidelines to establish consistent performance and build a foundational maintenance framework that enables improvement.

David shared, “The impact of applying the Golden Rules results in effective guidelines that any facilities team or organization can put in place to make improvements in their facility service program.”

Click here to download 8 Golden Rules for Effective Maintenance Operations, authored by David earlier this year, to learn more.

For questions about the two education session topics, please reach out to David Auton at