A life sciences team celebrates a milestone.

At C&W Services, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and maintaining a safe working environment.

Facilities Maintenance Personnel

As just one example of the dedication we have to this commitment, an account at a biotechnology company in California, celebrated a remarkable achievement early last month—they’ve been incident free for three years. The team and the relationship have grown during that time, but this record demonstrates how effective the safety program and culture are—even in times of growth, change and the addition of new employees. As of July 7, the 40-person team has worked 226,280 injury-free hours.

To recognize this accomplishment, all employees received a lunch and gift.

John Ramsden, director of operations for C&W Services, thanked his team for adhering to their goal of safe service delivery.

“Please take extreme pride in this remarkable achievement and continue to stay and work safely,” he says. “Our appreciation and thanks for everyone’s contributions is beyond words.”