Level Up Is Built to Create Safety-First Environments.

C&W Service’s Level Up cleaning, maintenance and office services programs create safety-first environments through stringent processes, innovative technologies, and effective products. In both visible, high-traffic areas and behind-the-scenes, we’re helping our clients build confidence among those returning to sites. Regardless of a facility’s use – office, retail, manufacturing, education – more than 65 years of insights have prepared us to meet each clients’ needs. Now more than ever, your employees and guests will value services that are highly visible, and highly reassuring.

For every client and site, C&W Services now incorporates best practices quickly instituted during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are keeping pace in real-time with new governmental directives for PPE, cleaning products and distancing protocols to ensure the safety of our employees and our clients’ occupants.

Janitorial Services

From frequency to PPE to disinfecting touchpoints to technology, cleaning practices have changed and will continue to. The most important changes are the ones we’ve made to services in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. We have defined three levels of cleaning, their modifications to pre-pandemic services and the required PPE. With our new enhanced protocols, we can help existing and new clients ensure they’re investing in the right level of service for their business.

Maintenance Services

To ensure occupants view the facility as comfortable and safe, maintenance may be required outside of the normal cycle, or as an additional task that drives occupant comfort. C&W Services’ maintenance teams follow strict training and PPE protocols when preparing buildings for reopening. Procedures for restarting/operating a maintenance organization, as well as procedures for starting up facility equipment after a shutdown, fall under two programs. The first is a Return-to-Work Day 1 Checklist of facility, organization and system-level actions to prepare the building for occupation and for engineers to operate within it. The second is a LIST Procedure (Lubricate, Inspect, Sequence Start & Track), which brings a methodical approach for facilities that were completely idled and required a full restart of operations.

Mailroom Services

Mailrooms are a critical point of control in the new workplace. We focus on reducing touchpoints for mail and copy and increasing sanitizing routines throughout the day (copy machines, pantries, mail handling). We work with clients to review current procedures, adjusting them to enable our staff to safely perform office service tasks while maintaining safe distances.

Our hardworking and innovative team can help with any college of university's deferred maintenance.

Level Up to a New Standard of Facility Services
  • Cleaners and technicians trained in the latest methods to ensure compliance and safe results.
  • Real-time cleaning while people are in spaces, which helps limit the spread of contagions.
  • The option of highly visible cleaning efforts creates a sense of safety for occupants; day cleaning also lowers energy costs.
  • Proactive leverage of supply relationships for the availability of supplies even in times of scarcity, including products on the EPA’s List N, and PPE.
  • Centralized waste removal services to contain potential contaminants

Our enhanced services may also include:

  • Creation of self-serve cleaning stations for employees, particularly in shared spaces.
  • Utilization of “Virtual Technician” technology for remote inspection and repair
  • New protocols for the cleaning of high-touch surfaces.
  • Optimized routes to integrate cleaning tools and protocols for each client.
  • Via CleanTelligent, audited verification that new cleaning protocols are being met.
  • A dedicated Innovations and Optimization Department to support our operations teams in developing pandemic or other crisis management strategies and to safely serve our customers and facilities in executing the SOW.

Learn more about our Return Readiness programs, including our Return to Work guide, the Myth vs. Reality in Emerging Technologies podcast, and a checklist detailing the 20 questions your facilities provider should be able to answer about returning to the workplace with confidence.