At C&W Services, we are committed to providing high-quality cleaning programs for our clients that are efficient and tailored to the needs of each facility. That’s why we’re on the cutting-edge of janitorial quality assurance through Smart Inspect technology. Using Smart Inspect allows our teams to provide a heightened level of transparency to our clients through service delivery by validating, tracking and achieving performance requirements. With GPS tracking and Smart Tickets, clients can know when and where janitorial needs are being met and the status of each.

Thomas Jackson, Quality Assurance Manager on our Service Innovation and Optimization Team (SIOT) adds,

Utilizing Smart Inspect technology has pushed us to the forefront and has enhanced our world-class service capabilities. Smart Inspect’s robust reporting features enable us to proactively improve cleaning quality, optimizing smart tickets solutions, and increase response time. Real-time updates and verification process ensure that our clients can rest easy knowing their facility is being well maintained.

The benefits of using Smart Inspect include:

  • Improves measurement and cleaning quality
  • Enhances first impression
  • Saves time and money
  • Manages janitorial quality across multiple buildings and areas
  • Takes janitorial, grounds, safety and maintenance photos and notes
  • Develops and shares cleaning quality dashboards and checklists
  • Improves customer experience

With Smart Inspect, our clients can feel confident knowing that we are validating cleanliness and fulfilling their performance standards. Download our overview to learn more.

For questions or more information on our janitorial service offerings and Smart Inspect, please reach out to Thomas Jackson.