John will be responsible for supporting the corporations and private education sector in the West Region.

John McDaniel, Director of Business Development, joins C&W Services, a facilities services company. John McDaniel has joined C&W Services as the new director of business development for the West Region market, responsible for supporting the corporations and private education sector. John’s focus will be on corporate campus, industrial/manufacturing, higher education, airport/airline, and high-tech partners, selling stand-alone prime services, ancillary services; promoting integrated facility services to qualified firms; and building strategic partnerships.

John joins us from Flagship, where he was Director of Sales – US National Strategic Accounts, focusing on business development nationwide, but with a strong focus in the Southwestern US and Florida. He also brings to C&W Services significant sales leadership experience with Pritchard Industries and ABM, with a focus on higher education, business and industry, airports, and high tech customer sectors. John also has operational management experience having overseen janitorial, parking, engineering, HVAC, security, landscaping services, and was tasked with facilitating the “OneABM” IFS platform during his tenure at ABM.

John is based in Dallas, and is a graduate of University of North Texas.

Please join us in welcoming him to the team!