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Juan Rivas Ramirez, our Janitorial Supervisor for one of our technology clients in Red City, CA, recently participated in a panel discussion for Horizons Without Limits, an organization dedicated to digital equity and economic advancement. The panel, titled “Today’s Jobs and Tomorrow’s: The Importance of Centering Digital Equity,” highlighted Juan’s journey and the transformative impact of technology on his life.

Six years ago, Juan arrived from El Salvador, seeking job opportunities. Starting as a janitor, he aspired to grow beyond basic cleaning tasks. Juan received training in digital literacy, ESL, and financial capabilities through Building Skills Partnerships (BSP), a nonprofit organization in collaboration with C&W Services and SEIU.

Joining BSP three years ago, Juan participated in the Digital Navigator Program. This program trained janitors to become teaching assistants in digital literacy for their peers. The classes, conducted in Spanish, covered devices, internet navigation, email usage, search engines, and programs like Office Suite, Google Workspace, and Customer Relationship Management.

Juan expressed his gratitude for the program, stating,

“Being part of BSP’s program has empowered me to contribute to my community and support others in their digital literacy journey.”

Dina Dygert, Senior Director, Client Services
, commended Juan’s achievement and highlighted its significance, inspiring continued promotion of inclusivity and employee empowerment.

Congratulations, Juan, on your remarkable accomplishment!