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The prestigious BOMA Boston Toby & Industry Awards on November 16, 2023, marked a milestone for Julissa Taveras, Senior Account Manager, who was honored as the 2023 Affiliate Member of the Year.  

Julissa walked us through her incredible journey – from her humble beginnings cleaning restrooms to the influence of mentorship and the steadfast backing of colleagues at C&W Services during her professional advancement.

Hannah Mullen, Property Manager at Oxford Properties Group, was behind Julissa’s nomination for the prestigious award. Hannah said:

“I have had the privilege of closely collaborating with Julissa, witnessing her unwavering commitment, exemplary leadership, and invaluable contributions to the Greater Boston BOMA community. From the very outset of my interaction with Julissa during her tenure as a Senior Account Manager in Downtown Boston, her innate humility and diligent work ethic left a lasting impression on me.”

Julissa makes it very clear that this award is not only about her, given the role played by colleagues from the start. Julissa pivoted from being a bank teller when presented with the opportunity to join a new account at C&W Services.

Dennis Iannalfoa C&W Services Manager who frequented the bank, encouraged Julissa to explore an opportunity on his team. The rest is historyJulissa worked from the ground up, showing immense determination and grit. Dennis recalls:

After monitoring and mentoring her progression over three months I knew we both had made the right decision. You can’t train passion and commitment. This is gifted to a person’s heart from within. I was so proud of her; I knew I had the right person for the job.”

Julissa continued to rise through the organization, accepting an Account Manager position with Dennis as her Area Manager.

“I am so proud to hear that Julissa was awarded the Affiliate member of the year and I have no doubt it was well deserved!” Dennis adds, “Julissa’s own hard work and commitment is the real reason for her success, and I feel this is just the beginning for her.”

Julissa’s journey is a story of resilience, dedication, and recognition. Her experience with C&W Services and Oxford Properties Group shows the importance of fostering strong relationships, being proactive, and celebrating every win along the way. We are proud to have Julissa as a member of our C&W Services family.

Congratulations, Julissa, on this well-deserved recognition!