Meet Kim: Work Order Coordinator

Meet Kim.

As a work order coordinator, Kim’s job resembles that of an air traffic controller. Her desk is the central command post as she fields calls and online work order requests, and connects the right facilities management team members with the tasks at hand. Kim helps custodians, event technicians, maintenance engineers, furniture techs, painters, carpenters, electricians, landscapers and many other team members remain focused every day.

“I am in awe of what we can do as a team,” she says. “I have confidence in my people.”

Her phone rings at all hours, she is constantly responding to emails and she makes sure her team’s time is maximized so that the right tasks are bundled, prioritized and completed. She also reports daily on her team’s progress, letting everyone know exactly how they are performing against their service targets.

“Maybe it is a really big event or maybe a day when the AC went down in the entire headquarters, but it is amazing what can be done when we come together,” she says. “Sometimes it seems like it isn’t going to happen, but it always does.

Keep calm and carry on.

With a calm demeanor, Kim seems like the type of person who never gets frazzled—even on the kind of day when the work orders seem to be coming in faster than they are completed. This is an important personality trait for anyone dealing with work order management. Acting as a CMMS administrator can be a stressful position, but Kim offers simple advice: “I take a deep breath.”

She also remembers a simple mantra: Things will get done. If a situation gets particularly difficult, Kim will take a walk for a minute near her workspace. “Walking away for one moment and then coming back—it really helps.”

Kim has learned a lot from the team around her.

“The C&W Services management is awesome,” she says. “They take really good care of us. I am given a lot of autonomy to do my job. Of course there are parameters, but a lot of stuff gets done on the fly. I like that.”

Kim notes that the regional manager for C&W Services has confidence in her, and she feels empowered to make decisions and get the job done.

What lies ahead.

Kim was with Cushman & Wakefield before she started at C&W Services, but she was always interested in workplace services. “C&W Services has a stellar reputation here in the building,” Kim notes, pointing that everyone knows the team and the level of service they deliver.

Kim sees a bright future ahead in facilities management. “Now that I have stepped into this role, I want to go further with

[facilities management]. It makes me feel good to help others out every single day at my job.”

Who takes care of your facilities?

Kim is one of many stories we have from the field that demonstrate how our team’s culture is the backbone of our service delivery success.

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