Developing new innovations to better stop the spread of COVID-19.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our clients and communities, Cushman & Wakefield strives to provide both cutting-edge sanitation plans and the experienced teams needed to put those plans into action.

When COVID-19 first began spreading, we quickly realized that the C&W Services team supporting a global car manufacturer required a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for disinfecting areas known to be or suspected of being contaminated by the virus. The SOP needed to be both thorough and flexible, so that it could be easily applied at all the car manufacturer’s sites in the U.S.

Todd Cook, Facilities Regional Operations Manager, and Jessica Curtis, Janitorial Compliance Supervisor, tackled the project with haste. In the span of just three days, they developed the SOP and filmed, edited, and published a training video so that C&W Services employees could be properly trained. This effort not only kept the client’s sites open but ensured that all employees and our teams supporting them remained healthy.

Our teams’ impacts are also felt on a local level. At one of the car manufacture’s sites in California, a water heater recently malfunctioned, leaving several bathrooms without hot water. Given the situation with COVID-19, repairing the water heater was a vital task as people must be able to thoroughly wash their hands in order to keep themselves and others safe.

Upon receiving the work order, C&W Services technicians Luis Flores and Daniel Limon jumped into action. They quickly troubleshot the water heater and discovered a loose wire on the main terminal block. Within a matter of hours, they’d restored the water heater to working order.

While we don’t know when the risk of COVID-19 will be behind us, we’re leveraging our knowledge, expertise and experienced teams to support our clients through this uncertain time.