Keeping our employees and communities fight COVID-19.

Safety and the health of our clients and customers is always our top priority. That’s why we outfit our teams with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE); implemented a work-from-home policy long before it was mandated; and when someone at one of our client sites does test positive for COVID-19, we respond with swift action and leading sanitation techniques.  

Recently, after a positive case at one of our client sites in New York, we alerted our team through our connectivity system and shut down the site within minutes. We then carried out an extensive decontamination process and, only after receiving the all-clear from our subject-matter experts, did we resume work at the site.  

Supporting this site is Frank Borrelli, Director of Engineering. Among many other responsibilities, he coordinates our mobile engineers and comes up with new processes to help the staff better combat COVID-19. One such process came out of the mobile engineers needing a way to practice proper handwashing throughout the day, since they spend a lot of their time traveling from site to site. So Frank installed water canisters in every truck. This way, the mobile engineers could fill up the canisters at the beginning of the day and use the water to wash their hands when disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer wasn’t available.  

Working alongside Frank is Seema Dies, Engineering Platform Manager. Together, they developed the safety kit that every mobile engineer was issued, containing everything from gloves to hand sanitizer to disinfecting wipes.  

Since Seema isn’t a front-line staff member, she’s been working from home for the past few weeks. That hasn’t stopped her from going above and beyond. From her kitchen table, she’s been coordinating the dispatching of our vehicles, tools, IT equipment and, in some cases, staff members to various sites across the area. Additionally, Seema’s husband is the Fire Chief in their town and, due to fire preparedness measures, he has hardly been home for the past few weeks. To assist him during this time, she’s been answering calls and emails for the fire team during her off-hours.  

As COVID-19 continues to impact the globe, we’re using our knowledge and expertise to help both our clients and our communities.