Encouraging college students to pursue a career in facilities.

One of the biggest challenges facing the facilities industry is that over half of today’s facilities practitioners could retire in the next five to fifteen years. This problem, commonly referred to as the trade-skills gap, has the potential to make finding the right labor for your facility a serious challenge.

C&W Services is addressing the trade-skills gap head on. One of the ways we are doing this is by speaking to undergraduate and graduate students about the benefits of pursuing a career in facilities. Chris Dienna, Director — Southeast, recently spoke to construction management students at Texas A&M University about his experience, background, and what it’s like to work in the facilities industry. In addition to giving an overview of C&W Services and the facilities industry, Chris spoke about projects he has worked on, day-to-day tasks he performs, and tools he uses to track things like project progression and cost analysis.

We asked Chris why he thought it was important to present college students with information about the facilities management industry, and he noted, “We need to bring in young blood with this industry, there aren’t many programs out there, and if we can be the company that brings in young, fresh talent, it’s a win-win.”

C&W Services is actively taking on the trade-skills gap by investing in programs for apprentices, veterans, and chronically underemployed youth. Through speaking engagements like this one at Texas A&M University, students about to enter the workforce are able to see tangible and rewarding career paths in the facilities industry, and at a company like C&W Services.

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