“My top priority has always been to support and help our people—and I’ve double-downed on that in response to COVID-19.”
– Juan Gomez, Senior Director of HR, C&W Services, Dallas

Juan Gomez helps lead Human Resources for C&W Services. He makes an impact by empowering employees across the organization—from informing them about the latest protocols to implementing industry-leading tools to even founding our internal mentorship program. With over 14,000 front-line employees across hundreds of client sites, we create HR solutions that are efficient, scalable and robust. 

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Juan and his team have been working tirelessly to establish the new normal and prepare for what’s next. They’ve invented procedures for remote transitions and virtual trainings, and ensure that all our safety proposals adhere to the latest CDC guidelines.

Juan is also an advocate for diversity and—through recruitment, talent development and institutional support—strives to build a more diverse and inclusive work environment.