Melisa is leveraging the skills she developed in the Army to succeed in the facilities field.

Ever since she was young, Melisa loved to figure out how things work. “I remember sitting in the living room and just tearing apart the VCR,” she says. “I wanted to learn how all the parts worked together. I love the intricacies of electronics.”

Melisa’s passion for electronics led her to join the Army. “I was a 35E Radio COMSEC Technician, which means I spent a lot of time locked in a shelter encrypting things. I learned a lot while serving, both about electronics and also my strength and weaknesses.”

Melisa, a C&W Services Amazon robotics tech, is changing how large commercial facilities operate.

Melisa left the Army after a number of years, and she searched for a civilian career where she could put her electronics skills to use and that had a similar structure and sense of comradery to what she experienced in the Army. “What I quickly learned was that the civilian world doesn’t operate like the Army. There’s not a whole lot of guidance. There’s no detailed training. You’re left to learn as you go.”

However, a year ago, Melisa was contacted by C&W Services about a robotics technician role supporting the World’s Largest Online Retailer, and she thought it might be a good fit. “I’m so glad I took this job,” she says. “I get to work on interesting technology, doing maintenance, repairs, operational checklists. I learn something new every day.”

Melisa has also found the same tight-knit, supportive culture that she experienced in the Army. “My training was very hands-on, and my supervisors were really informative about how everything at the facility works together, which has given me the opportunity to grow and take on more responsibilities. Plus, my boss was a colonel, so he knows how to be a good leader.”

Thinking about her future, Melisa says she plans to be with C&W Services for years to come. “It’s been great so far. I get to work with cutting-edge robotics technology. For someone who likes to figure out how things work, it’s satisfying to know that the technical work I’m doing helps support such a giant system. There’s so much room for growth.”


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