Meet Michael.

Michael’s favorite time of day is just after 5 p.m. But not for the reason you think it might be.

The time most people head home for the day is the time emails and phone calls slow down for him, so the director of operations for a North Carolina-based pharmaceutical and manufacturing company is able to focus on the work that might be the most important but not necessarily the most urgent.

“In this business, most of us don’t have the typical 9—5 schedule,” he says. “Instead, we’re a service industry with multiple operations running 24/7/365, so we’re always on the go.”

A range of experience.

Michael joined C&W Services in 2005 as part of the plant services group. His role was operations manager at a multinational conglomerate company in Phoenix. He worked at a variety of different client sites before moving to his current role when the account opened in 2013. He oversees more than 2.5 million square feet, 400-plus acres and 150 C&W Services employees.

It’s a lot of work, but Michael wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I chose this industry for many reasons, but mostly because I enjoy the demands of the job,” he says. “I’m not one to sit around.”

Michael Johnson Director of Operations

Sharing expertise.

With almost three decades of industrial maintenance experience and more than a decade in the facilities services industry, Michael has the knowledge and insight helpful for operations directors starting out at accounts across North America. He stresses interacting with those around you—especially when you’re new.

“When transitioning to a new site, it’s best to get to know your team members,” says Michael. “Spend time with each employee and learn not just about their work lives and skills but also get to know them on a personal level.”

Michael also notes the importance of taking your time to finish a project. In the facilities services industry, this is especially critical—organization and cognizance are key to ensuring safety across sites.

“There is no such thing as a shortcut,” he says. “Facing the challenge and completing the hard work all but ensures a smooth future and allows opportunity to focus on continuous improvement instead of rushing to complete what could already be behind you.”

Who takes care of your facilities?

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