8 National Guard servicemen in uniform stand shoulder to shoulder, with Rafael, thir from left, outlined in white

C&W Services is proud to recognize our employees who have served or are currently serving our country. That’s why we’re pleased to shine a spotlight on Rafael Colmenares, Regional HSSE Manager for our client Toyota, who serves in the Texas State Guard. Rafael was recognized in 2021 with an Achievement Medal for his service during Operation Lone Star, a program that provides healthcare services to citizens of Texas, with an Achievement Medal.

As the Regional HSSE Manager for our employees at the Toyota Account, we asked Rafael how his safety experience at C&W Services relates to his service.

“As a 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade Company Safety Officer in the Texas State Guard, it is my responsibility to ensure that the mission is not only executed as planned but safely and effectively accomplished, a responsibility which aligns with my civilian occupation as a Regional Safety Manager at C&W Services.” Rafael is very humble about the recognition stating, “I just did what was right and simply kept a vigilant eye on my fellow soldiers – I was simply doing my job.”

Rafael, we thank you for your service in the Texas State Guard and applaud you for the essential role you play in safety at C&W Services. You’re making a tremendous impact both in your personal and professional lives!