Graphic panel titled "recognizing gloria sala, finding a lost treasure at miami airport" featuring the silhouette of an airplane flying across a cloudy sky.

We’re proud to recognize Gloria Sala, our team member at Miami International Airport, for her selfless act in helping a passenger recover a cherished book.

During a busy day at Miami International Airport in early March, a passenger, Millie Brobston, accidentally left her book behind after stretching her legs in anticipation of boarding her flight home from a business trip. This book had been her beloved treasure for the last 24 years, surviving many moves and changes.

But Millie’s connection to the book went beyond that of the typical reader. She was from the same small town the author chronicled, and their families knew each other well. The thought that someone might have taken Millie’s cherished copy made her cry. Millie frantically retraced her steps and asked employees if they had seen anything. No luck.

Then Gloria Sala, a C&W Services Custodian, entered the story. She gave Millie hope, taking her concerns to heart. Gloria insisted on retracing Millie’s steps a second time. She looked at numerous counters and even trash containers. With intel from Millie, Gloria scrutinized every area, including the airport’s small library. After about 20 minutes of searching, the pair still didn’t give up. Gloria suggested looking at a small kiosk that sold candy, thinking that perhaps someone had turned it in there. Sure enough, someone did!

Overwhelmed with joy and relief, Millie sobbed again. She hugged Gloria tightly, grateful for her persistence, empathy, and selflessness. Millie was a stranger to Gloria, one of the thousands of passengers she interacted with daily at the airport. But Gloria’s persistence and compassion made Millie feel deeply grateful. “She is such a good person to help a random stranger in such a kind way,” Millie wrote in an email to C&W Services after recovering her book. “It made all the difference during what was a stressful evening.”

We appreciate Gloria for embodying our Mission, Vision, & Values. She represented C&W Services through exemplary actions for our client, Miami International Airport. Team members are the heartbeat of C&W Services, and frontline workers remain our true differentiators.

We thank Millie for sharing this revealing story of kindness, allowing us to recognize the people who power our company.