Putting the right team in place.

Rick has been leading the team in a prominent Class A Boston office tower for years. In addition to keeping the building running in top shape, Rick has spent countless hours developing his staff and turning managers into leaders. This day-to-day groundwork Rick laid to build a strong team means problems are met by a group of communicators, problem solvers and bright minds who are determined to find a solution.

Mike and Mike - Site Managers

Mike and Mike, pictured above, are two of Rick’s managers who solve their clients’ business problems and steer their building on a path to success.

Trouble on a hot summer day.

When the team returned to their high-rise building after a long weekend, they anticipated high July temperatures. What they didn’t expect was simultaneous mechanical and control failures of two 1,350-ton chillers, which comprise 75 percent of the chiller plant. Independently, either problem would have been significant, but together the problems created an all-hands-on-deck situation the team needed to solve.

Technical breakdown.

With only one 650-ton chiller available to cool 33 floors, and outdoor temperatures forecasted upwards of 95 degrees, the situation was acute. The entire engineering team mobilized to test, repair, and restore the system. The work included mechanical cleaning and inspection of two 501-tube evaporator bundles and replacement of a refrigerant liquid-line metering device (chiller one) and evaporator low-side pressure transducer (chiller two).

HVAC Management

During operational testing after completion of the mechanical repair work, the plant then experienced a loss of BACnet communication that impacted the operation and staging of the chillers, primary chilled water and condenser water pumps. The engineering team continued to work through the night until the plant was restored to full operational capacity.

Coming together as a unified team.

Rick's Team

Teamwork and communication across Rick’s team of electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers and managers—many who worked through the night—meant the building was ready for its scheduled 4 a.m. cool-down, and ready for business. The buildings’ tenants came to work unaware that anything had been amiss.

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