CW Services Uniform

By Steve Herbst
Vice President, Utilization & Productivity

Switching facility management scopes.

Over the past two months, several blue-chip Cushman & Wakefield client sites have begun designating various facility management scopes to C&W Services, replacing third party subcontractors in the process. To the Cushman & Wakefield and C&W Services colleagues who worked diligently to implement our platform, the seamless transition validated the potential of the new Cushman & Wakefield. And for the hundreds of employees at four of our client sites, the shift to C&W Services felt like walking into the same office—only better.

Working on a successful transition.

Feedback from clients transitioning to C&W Services has been consistently enthusiastic. The most recent site to transition to C&W Services—a financial services firm in Maryland—reported a positive experience for workers and visitors, including those in areas with special uses such as the site’s family center and the after-school program location. Not only has the client noted improved day-to-day facility services, but our proactive approach has reduced the number of work orders submitted by company employees.

And there’s more to come.

C&W Services has taken on operational, janitorial, maintenance and/or mail services at three sites in New Jersey and Canada and a corporate headquarters in Farmington, Conn. Included in the transition are 91 site employees who are now part of the Cushman & Wakefield family.

Kudos to everyone involved in transitioning these clients to the C&W Services style of safe, productive and pleasant working environments.