Meet Bryan, and his sons Bryan and Dallin.

In his role as Operations Manager for C&W Services’ West Region, Bryan has a bias for action and problem-solving. So, when Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast, Bryan was quick to act. He and his sons, Bryan and Dallin, signed up to help restore homes. Three weeks later, they were part of a 3,000-person effort by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints traveling to the Houston area to help.

Bryan and his sons were assigned to a 57-person group deployed to Port Arthur, TX, to help muck out flooded homes.

“I told my sons to dedicate their time and use their muscles to help,” says Bryan. “Most of our 57-person group were teens and young adults. It was wonderful to see them work so hard to help people, and to realize how fortunate their own lives are.”

Hurricane restoration project with facility manager Bryan's son

The team worked on six homes, removing water-damaged drywall, flooring and baseboards. Bryan estimates the volunteer effort saved each family between $1,500 and $2,000 in cleanup efforts.

“The families were very resilient despite everything they had gone through,” Bryan says. “One woman, Miss Mary, told us the house we were working in had been her home through three bouts with cancer. She was sure the house was still a safe place for her, and was reluctant to have anything removed. We persuaded her to let us cut away one section of drywall. When she saw the mold behind the wall, she quickly agreed that we could remove what needed to go, and that it would make the house safe for her again.”

Reflecting on the growth his own sons experienced, Bryan feels the volunteers gained the most from the weekend in Port Arthur.

“We were just grateful for the opportunity to help.”

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