Meet Jose and Wilfredo.

—They helped with empathy and compassion. I’m proud to know I work with folks like this.”

For some people, lending an empathetic hand is just second nature. That’s the case for Jose and Wilfredo, who recently helped their colleague on a client’s security team help a stranger in need.

C&W Services provides janitorial and maintenance services at the United Technologies Research Center in East Hartford, CT, and Securitas provides security. One recent Friday night, Jose was going to his car when he found an elderly woman wandering in the parking lot. She was disoriented, and only spoke Spanish so was unable to communicate with the security guard.

While the security guard contacted East Hartford’s emergency dispatch center, Jose and his colleague Wilfredo helped communicate with the woman. When the rescue team arrived to evaluate her, Jose and Wilfredo acted as interpreters for them as well. It turned out the woman had been reported missing from a nursing home earlier in the day, and it was a relief to everyone that she was safe.

“From start to finish, Jose and Wilfredo stayed by the woman’s side,” said William Conlon of Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services. “They talked to her, reassured her, and held her attention until the rescue crew could arrive. I honestly have no idea how the situation would have gone if they hadn’t volunteered to help. They did this without being asked. They’d have stayed all night if I needed them to. They helped with empathy and compassion. I’m proud to know I work with folks like this.”

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