Meet Sarah.

Sarah, our IFM Business Manager at a client site in Minnesota, is an expert at identifying procedures that could be done more efficiently and then taking the necessary steps to implement a quick, painless solution.

“At a previous job, I came in and there were no procedures. So I just thought, “Let’s see how I can make this a little better,” and I started to write up some procedures. Ever since then, I’ve tried to make improvement and continual problem solving a habit wherever I go.”

Striving for improvement.

Sarah manages a call center, badging, HQ support, and dock staff at the client site where she works, and she’s dedicated to making sure that her staff do their jobs in an effective, efficient, and safe manner.

In pursuit of this goal, she took it upon herself to write and design a small flipbook that provides employees with all of the precise procedures to follow in case of an emergency—everything from a small fire to other threats. The book outlines the exact order in which to make calls, the data to record, and with what methods of communication team members should be contacted. The book is well-designed and informative, and Sarah even went the extra mile—doing additional research and collaborating with a local 911 dispatch center—to make sure that all of the information is perfectly up-to-date and as detailed as possible for the needs of the local responders in her customer’s county.

So now if there is an emergency situation, Sarah’s team will, of course, follow general C&W Services protocols, but they now have an additional resource to help them know what steps to take.

“It’s all about making sure that everyone is refreshed on every piece of equipment, program, and situation,” she says.

And while Sarah tends to downplay her achievements, she has accomplished a great deal and, as a result, has developed a strong sense of trust and respect with the client.

Sarah manages a call center, badging, HQ support, and dock staff

From the ground up.

Sarah didn’t always plan on a career in facilities management. She previously did social work. But after a few years, she decided that she needed a change. She took a job at C&W Services as a 24/7 call operator, and, in a short length of time, worked her way up to her current role.

“I really enjoy working for C&W Services,” she says, “My supervisors always get back to me in a timely fashion, and I have been provided great management training, which I hadn’t been able to get at other companies.”

Who takes care of your facilities?

Sarah is one of many stories we have from the field that demonstrate how our team’s culture is the backbone of our service delivery success.

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