Meet Shawn.

For the majority of the year, Shawn serves as a quality control manager at a C&W Services client site in Washington, D.C. But for two weeks out of the year, Shawn spends his time supporting communities around the country, providing basic necessities they might need through the United States Army.

This time around, Shawn traveled to New York to open a pop-up clinic and provide free healthcare for the community.

“Talking with the locals was a lot of fun,” says Shawn. “We had a day where we demonstrated to the locals what went into our work, and they really showed their appreciation for what we were doing for them.”


Fulfilling a duty.

As a member in the Army, Shawn is required to dedicate two weeks of the year (or one weekend a month) to some sort of service—typically working at a healthcare clinic. Called Innovative Readiness Training, its purpose is to train military personnel and provide them with real-life experiences.

During the New York trip, Shawn was responsible for the power generation; he had to create electricity so that the clinic’s equipment and AC unit were working properly. The team brought in all of the equipment themselves and used their own generator so as not to disrupt the community’s energy flow.

“We didn’t leave any kind of footprint,” he says. “It was all powered and maintained by us.”

Providing a basic need.

The training was Shawn’s first, but next year he plans to do the same thing—this time possibly in Hawaii.

“The [experience] provides the training for soldiers that aren’t on active duty but also provides the opportunity for the community to get their healthcare for free,” he says.

At first, Shawn says, the clinic was overwhelming to the community simply because there was so much equipment and activity around the area in which the clinic was located, but quickly the community became excited about the project and exclaimed their appreciation.

“The overall reaction at the end of this training was that they loved it,” he says. “They’ve asked us to come back next year.”


Staying organized.

Working in the clinics also helps Shawn in his full-time job with C&W Services. In the community, he says, he needs to be organized, especially when participating in such a large project as providing an entire community with free healthcare.

“Being able to pop out a complete hospital in four days takes a little bit of organization,” he says. “Being able to stay organized definitely relates to delegating tasks and getting things done in a timely manner.”

A day in the life.

Typically, Shawn starts his day off walking the building and making sure all equipment is up to date from the night before. He speaks with customers and looks over the work order systems for the building. Then throughout the day, he monitors work orders and provides support to the account manager. For Shawn, the best part of his job is overcoming obstacles and the bond he has with his team and the client.

“I enjoy being able to be there and solving problems that can better our organization,” he says. “I also enjoy the relationship we have with the customer inside the building. It’s absolutely strong.”


Finding your way.

If you’re interested in transitioning from a job with the military to a similar path in facility services, check out our open positions.

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